Knifemaking Classes

JMS Knifemaking image

We are excited to offer KNIFEMAKING CLASSES in Central AR! 

NOTE: Classes are currently being scheduled for mid-May 2024 and beyond. 


  • 2 options: Full-day (8 hours) and Half-day (4 hours), add-ons available below

  • Full-day Details: Beginning with bar stock, we will forge and grind the blade, heat treat, secure pins, and attach a handle. Then we will do finishing work including hand sanding and polishing. You will walk away with a complete, handcrafted knife. Material upcharge for blades over 4". Includes lunch. Up to 8 hours, starting at $460. 

  • Half-day Details: Beginning with a shaped and heat-treated blade, we will secure pins and attach a handle. Then we will do finishing work including hand sanding and polishing. You will walk away with a complete, handcrafted knife. Up to 4 hours, starting at $350

  • You must provide your own: ear protection, respiratory protection (to protect against grinding dust), and eye protection. Tight fitting mechanic-style gloves are optional, but recommended. Closed toed shoes required. 

  • All classes must be paid in full and waivers electronically signed before arrival on class day. A waiver will be emailed to you days beforehand. 

  • There is a limit of 1 knife per person per class. If you would like to make multiple knives, please schedule multiple classes.  

  • We can accommodate up to 2 people per class. Pricing is per person. 


    1. Leather sheath made by J. M. Stevens ($50) - After making your knife you can leave it with us for an extra week to get a custom leather sheath made and formed to your handmade knife.
    2. Sharpening Mini-Class ($30) - Let J. M. Stevens teach you how to properly sharpen and maintain your new knife's edge with a 30-minute demonstration of sharpening technique and materials. 
    3. Leather Strop with Polishing Compound ($40) - Head home with your very own leather strop made by J. M. Stevens, already loaded up with polishing compound so you can begin honing that edge immediately. 


     How This Works:

    • Step 1. Purchase a class in our Shop. You will receive a gift certificate emailed directly to the email address you provided. 
      • Step 2. When you are ready to schedule a class, simply email us at to set up a date for class. 
      • Step 3. After a class date has been determined, we will email you a waiver. 
      • Step 4. Sign the waiver electronically. Once this step is completed, we will send location and lunch details. 
      • Step 5. Come make a knife on your scheduled class day!