Knifemaking Classes

We are excited to now offer KNIFEMAKING CLASSES in Central AR! 

Knifemaking Classes

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the high heat index in our shop during summer, we will be postponing any full-day knifemaking classes until October 2022. Half-days will still be booked through the summer months, but for mornings only. This is to keep our clients safe and comfortable as the summer heat rolls in.

Feel free to purchase a full-day class for yourself or someone else, but please understand it will be scheduled for Fall 2022, not summer. 


  • 2 options: Full-day (8 hours) and Half-day (4 hours), add-ons available below

  • Full-day Details: Beginning with bar stock (stock removal process, not forging), we will shape and grind the blade, heat treat, secure pins, and attach a handle. Then we will do finishing work including hand sanding and polishing. You will walk away with a complete, handmade knife. Includes lunch. Up to 8 hours, $400. 

  • Half-day Details: Beginning with a shaped and heat-treated blade, we will secure pins and attach a handle. Then we will do finishing work including hand sanding and polishing. You will walk away with a complete, handmade knife. Up to 4 hours, $300

  • You must provide your own: ear protection, respiratory protection (to protect against grinding dust), and eye protection. Tight fitting mechanic-style gloves are optional, but recommended. Closed toed shoes required. 

  • All classes must be paid in full and waivers electronically signed before arrival on class day. An invoice and waiver will be emailed to you days beforehand. 

  • There is a limit of 1 knife per person per class. If you would like to make multiple knives, please schedule multiple classes.  

  • We can accommodate up to 2 people per class. Pricing is per person. 


    1. Leather sheath made by J. M. Stevens ($50) - After making your knife you can leave it with us for an extra week to get a custom leather sheath made and formed to your handmade knife.
    2. Sharpening Mini-Class ($30) - Let J. M. Stevens teach you how to properly sharpen and maintain your new knife's edge with a 30-minute demonstration of sharpening technique and materials. 
    3. Leather Strop with Polishing Compound ($40) - Head home with your very own leather strop made by J. M. Stevens, already loaded up with polishing compound so you can begin honing that edge immediately. 


     How This Works:

    • Step 1. Submit a Class Request Form. 
      • Step 2. We will contact you to set up a date for class. 
      • Step 3. After a class date has been determined, we will email you an invoice and waiver. 
      • Step 4. Sign the waiver electronically and pay the invoice. Once this step is completed, we will send location and menu details. 
      • Step 5. Come make a knife on your scheduled class day!